Kitchen Cabinets  in New Orleans

Kitchen Cabinets  in New Orleans

New Orleans Kitchen CabinetsNew Orleans Kitchen Cabinets

It may not be the first thing you think of but did you realize how important your New Orleans kitchen cabinets choices are? Whether you are designing or remodeling your home you will have to make choices about your cabinetry. The first thing you should know is that there are four basic types:

  1. Tall
  2. Base
  3. Wall
  4. Specialty

The average kitchen includes some of each of these but you may also have custom cabinets built. At Berthelot Construction Services the good news is that we take care of all of that. Our family owned and operated business has been serving the community members of New Orleans and surrounding areas for close to 30 years now.

So it goes without saying that we have learned a thing or two about taking care of customer satisfaction. We work with each customer to show them their options. And then we can even help you make important decisions based on your needs, wants and budget.

Kitchen Countertops

In addition to cabinets you will have to start thinking about your kitchen countertops. The best way to make these choices are based on more than appearance and budget. Think about how much use your counters will actually get as well as how much cleaning you really want to do.

Every countertop type has pros and cons. Durability, resistance to stains and other factors will play a role in your decision making. Our crew can work with you to help you understand your possible choices and weigh the pros and cons

Kitchen Design

Part of the line of professional services we offer here at Berthelot Construction Services is kitchen design. Every family is unique and their home should reflect this. We can design a kitchen based on how much use it will get, how modern you want it and how inviting you’d like it to feel. The bottom line is that our experts know how customize your house to make it the home of your dreams.

Kitchen Remodeling

Maybe you already have a home with an older kitchen. Or if you recently bought a home it may be time for an immediate kitchen remodeling overhaul. There are plenty of reasons the kitchen can be in need of remodeling. If you need updates, upgrades, repairs or to make yours more functional.

Whatever the reason the crew here at Berthelot Construction Services can help you achieve your desired look. Let us start by showing you your options and finding out what your goals are. From there we can start the hard work that has earned us the title as best New Orleans kitchen cabinets and remodeling services provider.

If you are looking for New Orleans area construction services then please call (504) 834-7018 or complete our online request form.