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Metairire Mold Remediation Techniques for Your Home


People who live in damp and moist environments or properties that have experienced flood or water damages are often faced with the problem of mold overgrowth. Mold can grow anywhere in the home – on bathroom walls, sinks, under your carpet or on the pipes. Aside from the simple fact that it can give your space an unpleasant look, it can also be very dangerous for the health of your family, especially black mold. Black mold is known to cause a lot of lung disorders, asthma, nosebleed, and allergies. Black mold remediation in Metairie can be a difficult task. Because of this, a lot of homeowners leave their homes and just transfer to another place in order to get away from harmful black mold. Before going to such compelling measures, you can simply make use of mold remediation tips.

Mold can live in dark, damp and moist places. The sink or your bathroom wall can serve as the ideal hiding place for mold. Homes that are usually flooded with rainwater are at a higher risk of mold infestation. The first thing to do when it comes to mold remediation is to identify what triggers mold infestation. When you have a leaky pipe, you have to repair it prior to clearing the mold. Reduce all the possible ways of water to enter your home. Then, evaluate the harm done to your home in terms of mold growth. If you have seen that you have a bad problem, it could be helpful for you to get a professional to do the Metairie mold remediation. If you have a minor problem, then you can consider getting rid of the mold growth yourself.

Do-It-Yourself Remediation

First, you should separate the infested part from the other places of your house. You can make use of masking tape and plastic sheets for this step. This is a crucial step because mold spores can spread to long distances and can remain in the air for some time. While doing the remediation job, you should wear gloves, respiratory mask and goggles in order to protect yourself. Then, using a vacuum cleaner, vacuum the space infested with molds. This will let you take away those loose mold spores. Then scrub the space using a wire brush or scrubber to get rid of the mold staying on the surface. Next, vacuum the whole space again carefully. Get rid of the loose spores in an airtight plastic bag. Then, combine one gallon of water and one-half cup of bleach. Rinse the whole space using this solution. Let the space dry before rinsing the surface with clean water. Allow the surface to dry completely.

For homes that are strongly infested with molds, it might be more helpful to seek for professional help in Metairie mold remediation for your home. For this, you must carefully choose the group of people who will work on your problem. It would be more helpful if you can give an easy access to the people who will do the job for you. They might have to separate the infested area and might run hoses all around your house. So, it would be helpful to get rid of your pets, furniture and other obstacles on the workers’ path.


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