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The Facts about Kenner Siding Repairs


There are a lot of homes in the United States that may need Kenner siding repairs during their life span. This is sometimes caused by poor maintenance (i.e. failure to regularly paint over them), but they can also be brought by the usual wear and tear.

New Sidings that are exposed to numerous environmental elements require protection. It is recommended to check the substrates of a house annually to see if there are any changes on the paint and the frames on the lower portion.

Some of the warning signs to look for are abnormal thickness and curling. For materials made from synthetic composite like Masonite, the nails exhibit an unusual submerged and swelled appearance.

Siding Upkeep

This is caused by the moisture that has penetrated the paint as it ages, losing its elasticity and durability. Professional contractors used exterior spackle when doing siding repairs to prevent this situation from happening again.

They prefer to use spackle instead of caulk since it causes a dotted appearance on the siding after the paint coating loses sheen. The spackle ensures a flat appearance as the paint ages.

Most outdoor paints offered in the construction market are made from materials with minimum sheen so homeowners will not have to worry about hiring a contractor for maintenance frequently.

Professional Kenner Siding Repairs

Construction companies also file nail heads before doing any type of siding repairs and restoration jobs. It removes any moisture in the material since it can cause untimely deterioration and attract pests such as termites and beetles.

Sherwin Williams and Valspar are two paint brands that are very popular with contractors since they are made from high class acrylic which helps maintain a moisture-free environment.

Vinyl is the most common kind of siding used in home construction. While the material is very affordable and requires minimum maintenance, it is not as versatile as wood. The only drawback with wood is that it needs to be examined professionally each year to check for damages brought by insects and the temperature.

Siding Repair

Some homes have sidings made out of steel. While it is a very durable material, it also needs to be examined annually since rust can destroy its stability. Brick sidings can last for a long time but Kenner siding repairs with this component can become a financial nightmare for homeowners since it is very expensive.

Although there are affordable Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits offered by land-based and web-based home improvement shops with this kind of project. It is still preferable to hire the service of professionals with siding repairs.

The first reason is that they offer a comprehensive warranty should any problem occur. Another reason is that experts can repair the damage quickly before it worsens.

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