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A Kitchen Remodel Can Help You Save Space and Stay Organized


A Kitchen Remodel Can Help You Save Space and Stay OrganizedNo matter what the size of your kitchen is, chances are that keeping it organized is difficult. Kitchens rarely have enough space, and it doesn’t take much more than adding a new appliance or getting a new set of pots and pans to force you to reorganize the whole room. Between food storage, dishes, and appliances, there isn’t much room to breathe—much less grow! Fortunately, however, there are solutions to this problem.

When you hire the professional remodeling contractors at Berthelot Construction Services, we can help you keep your kitchen better organized with a few creative designs. Here are some of our favorite organization-oriented tips from our New Orleans Kitchen Remodeling professionals:


Install a Lazy Susan

  • The Problem: Your cabinets are cluttered, and getting to what’s kept in the back can be a real pain.
  • Our Solution: A lazy Susan is a great way to take advantage of all of the space that you have in your New Orleans kitchen without creating clutter. Installing a multilevel lazy Susan in a corner cabinet will maximize the amount of space that you can easily access. Corner cabinets often get stuffed with pots and pans, all stacked on top of one another. With 360° access to the cabinet, you’ll be able to reduce clutter and effectively create more space.

By utilizing the backs, sides, and corners of this cabinet, this addition to your kitchen remodel will make your kitchen a more organized place all on its own.

Pot and Pan Lid Storage

  • The Problem: You can stack or hang pots and pans to store them, but their lids almost always wind up in a cluttered pile in the corner of some cabinet.
  • Our Solution: Roll-Out Drawers are a creative design that is becoming more and more popular, and utilizing it in your New Orleans kitchen remodeling project can really help to clear some space.

We’ll install a small drawer underneath the shelf in the cabinet where you keep your pots and pans. This drawer will be big enough to store the lids for your pans, but small enough that it won’t take away too much space from your cabinets. Stack your pots and pans efficiently, and never lose their lids!

Upright Storage

  • The Problem: Baking sheets, cutting boards, and other large, flat objects are difficult to find space for. In many kitchens, they’re laid flat on a surface and then several items are stacked on top of them. When you need to get to a baking sheet, you end up needing to unload the whole shelf.
  • Our Solution: Upright Storage Cabinets are thin and tall, these slim cabinets are the perfect place to keep your New Orleans kitchen’s baking sheets for easy access.

For more remodeling ideas, call our professionals to get started on your project today!

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