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Custom Outdoor Living Areas Complete With Kitchen


More and more homeowners in New Orleans are realizing that the majority of their time at home doesn’t have to be spent indoors. Especially in warmer climates, outdoor living areas can become the most utilized space for a family for many months of the year. And an attractive outdoor living area can be a major selling point for a home.

Outdoor kitchens are rapidly becoming more popular, and it’s not difficult to see why. They enhance the landscape as well as make the time we spend outdoors more enjoyable. With a custom designed outdoor living space, we can get just what we want and nothing more or less.

An outdoor kitchen is much like the kitchen inside your home; both kitchens are designed for preparing and cooking for your family. Both can be built in such a way that cooking and grilling is easier and more enjoyable. Kitchens in the backyard offer unique benefits too, such as optional built-in seating or a patio that’s complete with fireplace, water features, and a pizza oven.

Outdoor kitchen designs give you a greater level of freedom. Indoor solutions must adhere to a certain set of rules and fulfill certain functions that designers of outdoor variations don’t have to worry about. For one thing, space is a factor indoors while outdoors there is usually plenty of space to work with.

Raising The Value Of Your Home While Entertaining Outdoors

Indoor kitchens are often where homeowners spend the majority of their time at home. After all, that’s where we cook, eat, socialize over coffee, and—unfortunately—where we spend much of our time cleaning. That’s how kitchens become such a focal point of a home, and why kitchen remodeling can immediately raise the resale value of a home.

But interestingly, adding a New Orleans outdoor kitchen will often raise your home’s resale value even more than an indoor kitchen remodel. And even if you love your kitchen, it’s no competition for the enjoyment that you’ll be able to get out of an outdoor kitchen.

Isn’t it nice to know that you can spend time with family and friends enjoying a nice barbecue in comfort while knowing that you’ve just raised your home’s value? Now that’s the best way to get things done and still enjoy life to the fullest.

Planning The Outdoor Kitchen Design

The layout of your New Orleans outdoor kitchen will include everything your needs warrant. You may be interested in grilling (gas or charcoal), or you may want a rotisserie cooker. You can also include other amenities, like sinks, concrete countertops, stainless storage cabinets, and small under-the-counter refrigerators. You make all the decisions, and the contractor will make sure your new outdoor kitchen is a beautiful and functional enhancement to your home.

Make Sure You Get Quality Outdoor Living Area Construction

Since the outdoor living space needs to stand up to the Louisiana humidity and heat, it’s highly important that your construction contractor use only quality made products for outdoor use. The better the materials, the longer they will last in our hot and humid climate.

Need A Custom Outdoor Living Area Builder In New Orleans?

At Berthelot Construction Services, we only provide the highest quality materials, and we construct all of our projects professionally and expertly. We make sure that our clients and their families will love the new outdoor kitchen, and that it can be used for as long as possible.

We use any number of materials, including granite or marble, tile, brick, stone, and stucco. If plumbing or gas lines need to be installed for this new construction, we help with that as well, ensuring that it is properly installed and protected. Make sure your contractor will do all this too.

Our New Orleans outdoor living area construction experts have extensive experience and professional training in designing and building outdoor living spaces that are enjoyed and loved by homeowners for years.

The key to our success is our dedication to working directly with each of our clients to provide a unique, custom designed outdoor kitchen that suits the client’s specific needs. Whether they just want a grill installed with some cabinetry and counter space, or they want to build a large, full-service kitchen, we do everything we can to make sure the customer gets precisely what they need. If you are interested in a consultation for custom outdoor living areas, give us a call today.

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